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Welcome to my home page. I have decided to create this place to bring together my many random free floating sites, boards and art galleries I have scattered around the net. I'm a person of many interests and obessions and you'll find all kinds of different things here. Some of my obessions last longer than others so you will find a different underlying theme every few months if you become a regular visitor here. Very few things have ever been permanent obessions with me and the only exception has been birds. I love to write and draw so please take time to look at my drawings and read my stories. I think you'll find each story to be different, yet compeling and definitely worth your time. But be warned, at least 90% of the projects I start I never finish. The rare ones I do finish are very good. You won't see any crap here. If you take my art without permission I shall hunt you down and deliver a fate worse than death. Enjoy.

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Art Gallery

I have been drawing since I was able to pick up a pencil. I'm self taught never having taken a real art class. My prefered method of making computer colorings is to draw my art on a regular white sheet of paper with a 0.5 mm pentel mechanical pencil. I then ink them with pens ranging from .01-.05 mm. Sometimes I'll use the tiny .005 pen. I then erase the pencil, scan it and color it up in Adobe Photoshop. I have the ability to mimic other styles very well and I think you will appreciate that here. Just from the main page you see that all these drawings look like they were drawn by different people, but not so. So look around and enjoy the diversity.



DS9 Kids 

  The Mysterious Cities of Gold


King Daimon's Graveyard


Thagirion is my version of Satan. He probably is my best creation. I have a whole world I made just for him and his foes and friends.


Owen is such an awesome character that he deserves his own site. I've finally put all his pictures and history together in one place. Some of his art will be exclusively on Thagirion's page, but for the stuff that just doesn't fit anywhere else it will go here.


Star Trek Deep Space Nine is my favorite ST series. One of my talents is taking the characters and making them kids. I did this with most of the DS9 cast.


These are drawings based on the best cartoon ever made, The Mysterious Cities of Gold.


One of my favorite shoes is SpongeBob. Most of the drawings in here I made for my message board.


This section is for things that don't really fit anywhere else.

So far this Peregrin falcon is the only piece I have, so I didn't make a gallery for it. I have other bird art I just need to find it.


This is a tribute to King Diamond's album Graveyard. I used Daimon in the story to take the place of King and is probably one of my most abitious comic book efforts. I got 7 out of 14 chapters finished.

 Gift Art

This section is for art people have given to me of my characters or scenes from my stories.


These are stories that I have writen or that a friend and I have worked on together and they just don't fit into any of my website categories below. Here you'll probably find several unfinished works that had so much potential but I just ran out of interest. You'll find chat RPGs that I have turned into stories (novelized) or left in their raw format taking all Out Of Character (ooc for those of you that don't know.) comments out. Or if you're lucky you'll find complete Des solo projects.



My Journal - This is my journal. Never thought I'd get one of these but well there it is. I update it more than this site so if you want to know what I'm up to and why I haven't updated in forever that would be the place to look. I really love my Live Journal so much I actually paid for it. I spend more time there than anywhere else. Stop by and comment. It's easier to reach me there than on E-mail.

Life On Earth - This is my newest site based on Alien Vs. Predator. It's a comic about and Alien named Stanly and a Predator named Byron who live together as room mates in the big city of Some City.

Innocence Lost - Under Construction

Bird site - This site is tiny. It'd dedicated to three of the best birds I have ever owned. They were: Billy Joel the macaw (My first macaw), Virus the budgie and Phage the budgie.

Draconis Thanatos CD Collection - This is my husband's and my awsome metal collection.



Bird Gardening and Nature Community - Formerly the SpongeBob Square Board. Now it is dedicated to gardening and plantings to attract birds.

True Metal Universe - Our board dedicated to True Metal.

So do you like what you've seen here? If so please E-mail me. I LOVE hearing about what you liked